We have all had that oh-no moment when we realize we have been locked out of our house, our car, anything: it happens. Sometimes, with a little extra elbow grease, you can pop a lock open, but occasionally there is nothing you can do except call in the professionals, like your local Houston locksmith.

Locked out? Here’re some tips to try:

Get inventive. Explore your house and see if some crack or cranny will allow for an opening.
See if you can get in through a window. If you have two stories, and can safely get onto the second story, see if one of the windows up there will let you in.
Consider a bit of breaking and entering. If you can, pull off a screen or pry up a window.
If you cannot see any other method of getting into your house, call a Houston locksmith. A locksmith can help you get into your house with maximum ease and without causing a lot of damage to your house.

To prevent being locked out of the house, you should:

Keep a spare key nearby. Find a place where a spare key can be hidden, and keep it there. If you have a good memory and are particularly paranoid, you might consider moving it occasionally. Tell only your family about that key.
Give a spare key to a trustworthy friend or neighbor. That way you can call or visit them to let you into your house.
Look into replacing your locks with locks that cannot lock behind you without a key.
Are you looking for a Houston locksmith to get you into your house or for any other needs, like gun safes, fire safes, and more? Visit us at Houston Safe and Lock, and find a reliable locksmith in Houston who can work for you.