There is nothing more frustrating than getting home after a long day and realizing that you have locked yourself out. If you’re not as skilled with creative solutions as MacGyver, then you might find yourself unsure of what to do.

If you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation, then here are some things you can do to get yourself into your home and out of this tricky situation.

Call Someone Who Has a Key: It might seem obvious, but before you call a locksmith service, it is best place to call someone else who has a spare key. If you are married or have a roommate, then get in contact with the other occupant and see if they are available to let you in.
Look for an Open Window: If you are lucky, you might find a window ajar and can potentially get back in that way. Take a quick look around the house, but don’t spend too long trying to break in. You don’t want someone else to see you and think you are actually breaking in to your own home.
Call a Locksmith: If you don’t have a spare key and did not entrust one to anyone else either, then you should call a locksmith to help you get in. For a small fee, a locksmith can get you safely back into your house.
After you have safely gotten into your home, it’s a good idea to keep a spare house and car key in your wallet or with a trusted friend or family member. That way, in the future, you can get back into your home with ease should you ever find yourself locked out again.

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