Residential High-Security Locks and Commercial High-Security Locks

Protect Your Home and Business

Did you know that almost any house key can be duplicated at any of the nation’s 60,000 hardware or big box stores for under $2.00?  Have you ever given a key to a babysitter, house sitter, cleaning service, or pest control service?  Have you ever given your keys to a parking lot attendant, valet, or mechanic?  Do you really know how many people have or could possibly have a key to your home or business?  These are the questions you should ask when considering whether high-security locks are worth the investment.  Please click here for more information to help you choose a high security lock.

Furthermore, if your home or office key looks similar to one of the above keys, you need to know about lock bumping, which is the practice of using a key cut in a generic shape and sharp force to “bump” the pins in a lock into place for a split second and gain entry into your home or business.  Bump keys were widely used by locksmiths and security professionals, but nowadays thanks to the internet you can legally purchase bump keys online for as little as a dollar.  Protect yourself with bump key proof High Security Medeco locks or High Security Mul-T-Lock deadbolts.


Better Safe Then Sorry – Check out these Benefits of High Security Locks:

  • Pick Proof
  • Drill Proof
  • Key Controlled at the highest level
  • Bump Proof
  • Used by the Houston Police Dept and Fortune 500 Companies

High Security Lock Brands We Proudly Carry:

For businesses, key control (or more accurately, the lack of key control) is one of the biggest risks that businesses or property owners face.  Without a key control system you cannot be sure who has keys or how many keys they have to your property.  Not having a patented key control system leads to unauthorized key duplication, which leads to unauthorized access to your property or employee theft.

The best possible solution to control who has access to your house or business is to have our local Houston locksmiths install Medeco Locks and Deadbolts or Mul-T-Lock locks and deadbolts.  Bump proof, pick proof, and drill proof high-security Medeco locks and deadbolts and Mul-T-Lock locks and deadbolts installed by our Houston locksmiths are the best choice for your home or business for preventing unauthorized entry.

Let our local locksmiths in Houston Safe and Lock provide you reliable 24-hour emergency mobile service, 7 days a week.  Our Houston locksmiths are highly trained and confident individuals with up-to-date technical knowledge of current trends and safety features to provide you with the best service for all your lock, safety, and security needs.  Houston Safe and Lock offers high-security locks for your residence and commercial spaces.  Keeping you safe is our top priority!