What Our Clients Say About Us

“I was out for the night on Main St. downtown clubbing when I realize at the end of the night that my keys were nowhere to be found. I went ahead and called Houston Emergency Locksmith and there were there in no time. They gave me the best service that I needed and for all for a cheap price. Houston Emergency Locksmith is on my phonebook for SURE!!!!”

“I am a small tire shop business owner, of course I am in need of a Houston 24 hour emergency locksmith with all the crime that goes on. I need to know that when something happens I am backed with a Houston 24 hour emergency Locksmith. Houston Safe and Lock was good with everything, now going on two years and they still call to see if there is any service to be provided!”

“There are not many companies for Houston safes. I called around and I could say that Houston Safes have totally offered the best quality. I love the fact that they have 24 hour service, so that definitely made my solution convenient to me to go with Houston Safes and Lock.”

“My husband and I own a small Taqueria called Taquito Loco in Katy, TX and we decided to purchase a safe. We looked around and chose to try Houston Safe because they a pretty good price. My concern was the services and how this all works. They explain everything to me and the service was wonderful. My husband and I are happy with the service that Houston Safe has provided.”

“I am leasing agent for some apartment in the southwest side Houston, TX. I am in charge of keeping track of all the rent money from the attendants. We owned a drop off safe the thing looked ridiculous anybody could get thru and take the entire drop offs. Good thing nobody knew it was broken. They decided to finally purchase a new one. I search and Safes Houston gave us the better deal. Safes Houston also gave us the impressive security we needed. I totally recommend them.”

“My grandma before she passed away gave me her wedding rings and the necklace my grandpa had given the first time they met. I wanted these personal items to stay safe along with my others because some day I dream to pass them on to my children. I went ahead and came across a decision to get a safe. I went with Safes in Houston because they offered to come out and set it up at my house at my time and also you can’t beat the price they offer. Safes in Houston also work 24 hours all around.”

“I live in the Southeast Side of Houston, TX with my wife and two boys. I own a nice home and two new cars. I also own a 357 Smith and Western and I was in search of safe to store my gun and other personal items. Houston Safes was who I went with and I feel great to have called them. Houston Safes sure have given me the comfort that all my personal items are safe.”

“Houston Safe and Lock have given me all of the service that I need. I own a couple of fire arms and I want to keep them safe. I also want to sleep and go anywhere and feel safe that my children won’t go mess with any one of them. So I looked for Houston gun safes on the internet and they gave me the security I need. Houston Gun Safes also gave a variety to choose from and the price range that I was looking for.”

“In 1998 my house burned down due to bad electrician wiring, not saying right along with all my important documents. It was hell to start all over again, so I have finally purchase my new home and has started to build up again. This time I have prepared and was in search of fire safes Houston. I went ahead and received services from Fire Safes Houston and I am very satisfied with everything they provide.”

“I own a company and I want to know that if there is ever to be a fire that my entire important documents will be guaranteed to be safe. Houston Fire Proof Safe has all the requirements that I was looking for and also the surety. I think I have invested great going with Houston Fire Proof Safe.”

“Last year I went out with a couple of friends and came back to find all of my valuables stolen. It was a disaster despite of the pain of losing very personal valuables. I was very mad and upset. My very good friend Sarah gave an idea of purchasing a safe so there will no longer be a next time. She got me a number to Home Safe Houston and I called. The thought of ever leaving my house and coming back to a disaster is no longer going to cross my mind.”

“Looking for a good price for fire proof safes in Houston was not hard at all. Fire Proof Safes in Houston was awesome they gave a great price and great service. I am very satisfied decently recommend Houston Safe and Lock.”

“As a beginner small business owner the money is tight and purchasing new items for your company are very limited. I know that I needed a safe and those things are not that cheap. So I wondered of any used safes in Houston, and guess what typed it up on my laptop Used Safes in Houston. There it was used, pretty good price and wonderful service.”

“I am a very optimistic person and banks I don’t trust. So I decided to purchase a safe for my own banking. So I went ahead a Google safe and somehow I spotted Houston Used Safe and I thought that was a much better deal. It is for my personal use so I don’t see new or used will make a big deal and also Houston Used Safe offer the same service just a cheaper price because it is used choose Houston Safe and Lock totally worth your money.”

“Don’t even waste your time looking for Gardall safes in Houston. Just give Houston Safe and Lock they will comply with your needs and its worth for Gardall safes in Houston. You will find what you are looking for!!!!”

“Try this 24 Hour emergency Locksmith who actually do what they advertise which is to provide the only true 24 Hour emergency Locksmith service. This 24 Hour emergency Locksmith service is quick to respond with a professional 24 Hour emergency Locksmith service. I found no one that would rescue me at the movie theater when I locked the keys in my car, I called ever where and then I discovered this 24 Hour emergency Locksmith service.”

“Houston Locksmith is a licensed and insured company the service is fantastic and to use any other Houston Locksmith would be taking a risk. When I need a Houston Locksmith there is only one Houston Locksmith to call. Houston locksmith is a professional Houston locksmith service company.”

“There are several Houston Locksmiths in town but the best Houston Locksmiths is Houston Safe and Lock. Try these Houston Locksmiths when you are in need of fast and knowledgeable Houston Locksmiths. One of a kind Houston Locksmiths service when you want your Houston Locksmiths to do it your way.”

“This Locksmiths Houston TX goes beyond the call of duty when you need fast emergency service. All the Locksmiths Houston TX did not even answer the phone that late Sunday night. I really needed locksmiths Houston TX while visiting my mom over the Holidays and I quickly came to realize this local locksmiths Houston TX was the only one to answer the phone and the service and price were great. When you need Locksmiths Houston TX look no farther, these locksmiths Houston TX know their stuff.”

“Locksmith Houston is the search word phrase I used to find this talented and professional Locksmith Houston Locksmith service. They Rock! I found this locksmith Houston while driving down Westheimer Rd and I got the number off the sign and I just happened to need a locksmith later that week and they were available for Emergency service in Katy TX.This locksmith Houston saved made my day in Sugarland TX when no other Houston locksmiths would. If you’re stranded in Sugarland TX try a locksmith Houston for faster service.”

“I always use this locksmith in Houston when I am in a Jam and if you ever need a locksmith in Houston call these guy and you will not be disappointed. How often does a locksmith in Houston go out of their normal duties to help someone? This locksmith in Houston not only made a car key but he also changed my flat tire. This is a professional and friendly locksmith in Houston who knows high security and this locksmith in Houston had a fully stocked van of high security Medeco and Mul-T-Lock Deadbolts.”

“If you ever need locksmiths Houston for Locksmiths Houston Emergency Service you have found a good service here. Last week I locked the car keys in the trunk and my girl said to Google locksmiths Houston and I reached this company. It took me longer to enter the keyword phrase locksmiths Houston than it did for this young lock guy to open my car with no damage. All locksmiths Houston companies I called would not divulge the owners name and the Texas license number but these locksmiths Houston company did and that was a requirement from the brass. Save time and start here.”

“This is the third time I have been in need of an emergency locksmith in Houston in six months. The first locksmith company was not good and I will not go back but this emergency Locksmith in Houston is my hero. I should let them keep a spare. How often does anyone need an emergency locksmith in Houston? If you’re like me once is enough but if I ever need an emergency locksmith in Houston I will call this company again. I never lose my keys and they probably were lifted from my jacket and it was late. I needed an emergency locksmith in Houston. Let me tell you the later it gets the harder it is to find an Emergency locksmith in Houston but here they are a true Houston 24 hour emergency Locksmith.”

“I was looking for the right American Security Safes in Houston for ever and I finally found Houston Safe and Lock which carried the Amsec safe line and they were able to special order additional shelves for my old and used Amsec Safe. Amsec Safes in Houston is the search you don’t want to go thru because there are very few if any actual safe stores in town. I found my Amsec Safes in Houston products at this local locksmith store in Houston. Amsec fire safes in Houston are at this place in bulk and they seem to be the best fire safe I have seen to date. My husband was pleased that I bought Amsec fire safes from Houston Safe and Lock which happens to be American Made.”

“I had a locked up Gardall safes which this company opened for me. The rate to open those Gardall safes was below the quoted rate and the service was extremely good. I had talked to a lot of people about safes and several had suggested Gardall Safes. I visited this local locksmith on Westheimer and I found the Gardall safe I wanted and it was placed in mi SUV by the helpful staff at that location. Gardall Fire safes are the best, I experienced a fire and the Gardall fire safe I bought here made it thru and protected my valuables and important documents.”

“My boss requested that I find him Amsec fire and burglary safes for immediate delivery for his thrift store chain. I found a few hits on-line but they all were 1-3 weeks out. I found this locksmith in Southwest Houston who is a dealer for Amsec Safes and they had and delivered and bolted down what we needed. Thanks to them my boss thinks I am brilliant. I purchased two Amsec Safes with a drop slot from this company and the service and price were very good. If you ever need an Amsec Safes try these people. This company on Westheimer had a large selection of Amsec safes to choose from and the assorted sizes of the Amsec safes made my task of picking one much easier.”

“I found the exact American Security gun and fire safes I had been searching for at Houston safe and Lock. This American Security gun and fire safes was the same one I had been tracking on eBay and I bought it for only $100.00 more. I had been looking at an American Security gun and fire safes at this locksmith company and when they had the Super bowl safe sale for American Security gun and fire safes I saved hundreds and it was worth the wait. The only dealer for American Security gun and fire safes in Houston I have found is this safe company. I wanted this American Security gun and fire safes because I have owned them before and they are better than the other brands my dad and brothers have. Find them here in quantity.”

“The Barron fire safes I purchases here were the perfect cream color to match the file cabinets in my office and the two hour fire rating Barron fire safes offers were the highest fire rating I could find. I needed to safes one each for home and office and Houston Safe and Lock had a large selection of Barron fire safes in stock. The Barron fire safe had the correct size to fit where I need it installed and bolted down. They sold me two Barron fire safes and installed the Barron fire safes the same day, fantastic.

Medeco Locks in Houston: Look no further when shopping for Medeco Locks in Houston. While they sell all major lock brands but medeco locks is the best and only bump proof deadbolt in the group and I know for sure there good because I saw these locks on the white house and on the treasury department on a recent trip. When you need Medeco locks in Houston TX right now Houston Safe and Lock is the only authorized services I have found and used. Need a specific color or finish of medeco locks in Houston. Houston safe and lock has a large selection in stock. I looked all over the internet for my finish and I found it at this high security lock dealer by searching Medeco Locks in Houston.”

“I had read about key bumping and I was scared for my safety when a friend recommended Medeco lock and or deadbolts. This company is a service center for medeco lock and they have the better prices I have found on these products. Several neighbors had break-ins over the last month and I decided to protect my-self and family with Medeco high security locks and deadbolts. Shop here for Medeco locks in Houston. We needed the best security we could find after we had endured an attempted home invasion and after a lot of research I decided on Medeco locks and I found them at Houston Safe and Lock.”

“I had a security issue at my home and this Houston locksmith Company recommended Mul-T-Lock High security Deadbolts. Now that the Mul-T-Lock deadbolts are installed I will feel much safer and the price was worth the enhanced security my family received. Mul-t-Lock deadbolts and knob cylinders were the perfect high security answer for the problems we were having at the office. The Mul-T-Lock offered the Key control the boss had demanded. Mul-T-lock key duplicates are impossible to find being a restricted key, so I am writing this review to let people know that you can get your Mul-T-Lock deadbolts and keys right here on Westheimer in southwest Houston”

“After searching for Hours for A gun and Fire safe for my Husband I used the term Home Safes Houston and I found this well stocked Safe & Locksmith store in SW Houston at 10218 Westheimer Rd. I found it by searching Gun Safes Houston. Weather you search Gun Safes Houston or Home Safes Houston you will find over 300 new and used Gun Safes Houston or Home Safes Houston at this one of a kind safe shop and showroom at Budget Prices!”