Need to change a lock?  Rather than having the entire lock replaced, you can ask your Houston locksmith to rekey it.  This means realigning or changing the pins inside the lock so that it works only for your new key.

Rekeying is useful in a number of circumstances:

You cannot account for all existing copies of the key.  It’s always smart to rekey a new residence.  Not only may the previous occupant still have a key, but copies of that key may be floating around.  If you have lost your car keys, rekeying your car door locks will help keep your car safe.  If you think your car keys have been stolen, then have your ignition lock rekeyed as well.

Your building’s security has been breached.  If your home has been burglarized, or an employee with a key to the building has recently quit or been dismissed, have all locks rekeyed immediately.  Even minor security breaches may warrant rekeying.  If you have let a contractor use your key while remodeling your building, consider that they may make copies, which you cannot keep track of.

You want to add additional locks to your home or business.  If you want to make all of your doors secure but do not want to weigh down your keychain with three or four additional keys, a locksmith can configure each lock so that it works for your existing key.  You can also slim down your keychain by rekeying your locks so that one key unlocks every door in your home.

When you need rekeying, find a locksmith with experience.  Houston Safe and Lock offers the best 24-hour emergency locksmith services in Houston.  We have been keeping Houston homes and businesses secure for more than 30 years, and we offer complete locksmith services, from rekeying to high security locks.  We also offer a wide range of gun and fire safes, as well as transponder chip keys, for all of your security needs.  When you need a Houston locksmith you can trust, visit our website or call (713) 469-3435.