CSC 120 Minute Series By AMSEC

You can trust in the AMSEC name. Each American Security safe in this Commercial Series has a 120 minute fire rating, as well as a U.L. certified RSC burglary protection. 4.5/8" thick composite door and 2.7/8" thick composite body mean that your items will be protected and safe no matter the circumstance.


Protecting your valuables and home is an important priority. So if you're looking for a safe that keeps your belongings secure and protected in case of fire or burglary, then check out the AMSEC 1413 compact security safe. Featuring a UL-certified RSC burglary protection, 120-minute fire protection, and a charcoal gray textured paint finish—this safe delivers maximum security at an affordable price.

  • 256lbs
  • 19.5"
  • 18"
  • 19.875"


Are you looking for a safe that can protect your belongings from fire and burglars? AMSEC's CSC1913 is an incredibly reliable safe that meets these needs and more. With its RSC burglary protection, this safe will keep all of your valuables from harm so you can feel secure knowing that your money, jewelry, important documents, and photos are safe from burglars—even if they attempt to use tools such as crowbars or blowtorches to try and break in.

  • 318lbs
  • 24.5"
  • 18"
  • 18.875"


The CSC3018 120-Minute Fire Protection Safe from American Security features UL-rated burglary protection, so you know that even if someone breaks into your home or business, they can't steal your valuables and documents. In addition to a 2-hour fire protection rating and an electronic lock with a keypad and illuminated keys, this safe offers multiple storage capabilities designed to fit your needs.

  • 480lbs
  • 35.5"
  • 23.5"
  • 24"


The AMSEC CSC4520 Safe is the perfect solution for protecting your valuables from unauthorized access! This safe is fitted with thick steel walls and comes with both an RSC burglary protection rating meaning it can withstand forced entry attempts as well as fires.

  • 944lbs
  • 50.5"
  • 25.5"
  • 28.875"