CF 120 Minute Series By AMSEC

American Security CF commercial jewelry safes offer supreme protection against theft and fire, boasting a solid steel structure with a UL-listed TL-30 rating for exceptional intrusion defense. Equipped with advanced locking technology and relocking systems, these safes provide unparalleled security for your valuables and sensitive documents.

Crafted to counter the harshest theft and fire challenges, our commercial jewelry safes showcase impeccable steel design. Featuring a UL-listed TL-30 distinction, they’re fortified to ward off the most aggressive intrusion efforts. These commercial jewelry store safes incorporate the latest in locking technology and come fitted with innovative relocking systems. The AmVault TL-30 ensures unparalleled protection for your invaluable assets, confidential paperwork, and esteemed belongings. On top of that, a 2-hour fireproof assurance ensures that your treasures are shielded, even when calamity strikes.


Experience unparalleled security with the AMSEC CF4524 TL-30, a commercial-grade jewelry safe designed to withstand the toughest challenges. Boasting a 2-hour fire rating, this high-security safe ensures that your valuable jewelry and important documents remain protected in extreme heat conditions. Crafted to meet the rigorous TL-30 security standard, the CF4524 features a robust steel body, a fortified composite door, and an advanced locking system to deter even the most determined break-in attempts. The interior is luxuriously lined and equipped with adjustable shelves, providing a customizable and secure space for your prized possessions. Trust the AMSEC CF4524 TL-30 jewelry safe to deliver the ultimate in fire and theft protection for your valuables.

  • 2311lbs
  • 52"
  • 31"
  • 29.5"


Presenting the American Security CF2518 TL-30 commercial jewelry safe, an exceptional choice for safeguarding your valuable jewelry and essential documents in a commercial setting. This state-of-the-art safe is built to withstand even the most determined break-in attempts, boasting a TL-30 burglary rating that ensures top-notch security. In addition, the CF2518 provides an impressive 2-hour fire protection rating, shielding your most prized possessions from the damaging effects of high-intensity fires. With its robust construction and advanced security features, this safe is the perfect investment for businesses seeking to protect their valuable assets and maintain peace of mind.

  • 1195lbs
  • 32"
  • 23"
  • 25.5"


Get the best protection for your cash, jewelry, and crucial documents with the American Security CF3524 TL-30 amvault safe. This high-quality safe is designed to offer unbeatable security and withstand even the most determined break-in attempts, featuring a TL-30 burglary rating that ensures top-notch protection. In addition to its robust construction, the CF3524 boasts an impressive 2-hour fire rating, shielding your most prized possessions from the devastating effects of high-intensity fires. Invest in this exceptional safe for your business, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuable assets are secure and well-guarded.

  • 1908lbs
  • 42"
  • 31"
  • 29.5"


Discover the unmatched security offered by the American Security CF5524, our standout TL-30 safe for sale designed to be the ultimate shield for your jewelry and other valuable asssets. As a robust TL-30 jewelry safe, it prides itself on its ability to repel forced entry attacks 30 minutes. This high-quality jewelry safe also boasts a remarkable 2-hour fire rating, offering assurance that your cherished possessions remain intact in the face of extreme heat. Make the worthwhile investment in the CF5524 and enjoy peace of mind that your valuables are protected.

  • 2679lbs
  • 62"
  • 31"
  • 29.5"


Get the best protection for your valuable jewelry and important documents with the American Security CF6528 TL-30 Amvault safe. This high-security safe is expertly engineered to offer unmatched protection against even the most determined break-in attempts, boasting a TL-30 burglary rating that guarantees top-tier security. In addition to its robust construction, the CF6528 also features an outstanding 2-hour fire rating, preserving your most cherished possessions from the destructive impact of intense fires. Make a wise investment for your business with this exceptional safe and enjoy the ultimate peace of mind, knowing that your precious assets are well-guarded and secure.

  • 3359lbs
  • 72"
  • 35"
  • 29.5"


Ensure the utmost protection of your cherished jewelry with the AMSEC CF7236, a high security commercial jewelry safe. This large jewelry safe is specifically designed to ward off forceful break-in attempts. As an exemplar of a top-quality jewelry store safe for sale, it boasts a TL 30 burglary rating, offering protection against forced attacks for up to 30 minutes. As a premier jewelry store safe, the AMSEC CF7236 further amplifies its protective prowess with a robust fire resistance of up to two hours, ensuring the integrity of your valuable items, even in the face of elevated temperatures. Opt for the AMSEC jewelry safe, investing in peace of mind and uncompromised security.

  • 3359lbs
  • 79"
  • 43"
  • 32.5"