6422 TL30x6 High Security Safe with Fire Defense

  • High Security, U.L. Rated, Tool Rated
  • All six sides protected by unique manganese plating and a proprietary cement and composite mixture.
  • Two hour fire rating, tested at 1850°F
  • Designed to resist power tool and explosive attacks
  • 6.75" thick safe door, 3.5" thick safe body and huge 1.5" hardened steel bolts on all sides of safe door.
  • High security key lock works in conjunction with either mechanical dial or electronic keypad.
  • Lock body and safe contents are protected by a glass relocking mechanism as well as random relocking devices.
  • Adjustable shelves, tri-spoke handle and chrome pull handle are standard on all Original Platinum TL30x6 Vault models.


6422 TL30x6 High Security Safe with Fire Defense

The 6422 TL30x6 safe is built to defend against any attack, from any direction.  This sturdy piece of construction can even turn away explosives.  In short, burglars better come prepared with some heavy artillery if they want a chance against this safe.

Exterior (HxWxL) 71″ x 29″ x 35″
Interior (HxWxL) 64″ x 22″ x 24″
Lbs 3982
Capacity (cubic feet) 19.55