CDOJ - 45 Min Fire Rated Gun Safe

  • Fire tested at 1200°F for 45 minutes while interior remained under 350°F
  • Heat Expanding Intumescent seal on door aids in blocking out water and smoke during a fire
  • Bolt work includes active locking bolts on three sides of door and inactive bolts on hinge side
  • Professional Door Organizer included on ALL models extends storage capacity of pistols, long guns and accessories
  • All FV models have both predrilled electrical access hole and precut bolt holes to safely anchor gun safe
  • Lifetime Warranty covers damage resulting from fire, burglary and vandalism


FV6042E5 Gun Safe with 45 Minutes Fire Defense

The FV6042E5 gun safe is designed to keep a firearm collection organized and protected from disaster. There’s no reason to trust a prized set of guns to anything less.

Exterior (HxWxL) 59″ x 42″ x 26″
Interior (HxWxL)
Lbs 724 lbs
Capacity (cubic feet)