• Top drawer includes a three (3) compartment ring organizer and a seven (7) compartment jewelry organizer
  • Second drawer includes a three (3) compartment necklace organizer
  • Third drawer includes a four (4) compartment watch organizer
  • Fourth drawer is left open for access of bulky items, or stack additional Stor-It Jewelry Organizer Inserts
  • Dimensions: 16 5/8" x 16" x 14 3/8", 29 lbs


Safe Cabinet with Four Drawers

Additional Stor-it Jewelry Organizers can be purchased separately and then stacked together to accommodate all storage needs. Each insert can be removed for viewing, selecting, and protection of jewelry.

  • Seven (7) Compartment Jewelry Organizer: Three (3) long sections to hold necklaces, four (4) spaces for pendants and rings
  • Compartment Watch Organizer
  • Four (4) Compartment Watch Organizer: Four (4) soft pillows hold precious watches and bracelet
  • Three (3) Compartment Ring Organizer: Features a ring holder and two (2) large, open spaces for bracelets and earrings
  • Three (3) Compartment Necklace Organizer: Three (3) extra long spaces for necklaces of any size