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Houston Safe & Lock specializes in providing top-notch safe technician services to ensure the security and peace of mind for our clients. Our highly skilled and certified technicians offer a wide range of services for all types of safes, from traditional dial locks to advanced digital locking systems. Our goal is to provide professional, efficient, and reliable services that cater to your unique needs.

  • Opening locked safes
  • Convert dial lock to digital (or vise versa)
  • Change combination lock code
  • Repair damaged safes
  • Anchor & bolt safe
  • Move safe to a new location

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The guys were professional and on time. They moved our 450lb safe down from the third floor, two flights of stairs without incident. They had the right equipment and knew what they were doing. The safe arrived at my new house unscathed. I will definitely call these folks again.

– Alan B.

Our Services


Opening Locked Safes

Are you locked out of your safe? Our experienced technicians can open all types of safes using specialized tools and techniques, while ensuring the safety and security of your valuables. We understand the importance of prompt service and will work diligently to get your safe open as quickly as possible.


Converting Dial Lock to Digital

Is it time to upgrade your safe’s locking mechanism? We offer conversion services for changing dial locks to digital locks, or vice versa, depending on your preference. Our technicians are well-versed in the latest technologies, ensuring a seamless transition and improved security for your safe.


Changing Combination Codes

Need to change your safe’s combination code for security purposes? Our expert technicians can assist you with changing the code on a wide range of combination lock safes. We’ll make sure your new code is set accurately and securely.


Repairing Damaged Safes

If your safe has been damaged due to break-in attempts, wear and tear, or other factors, we offer professional repair services to restore your safe to its optimal functioning. Our technicians will carefully assess the damage, provide a quote, and perform the necessary repairs to get your safe back in working order.


Anchoring & Bolting Safes

To ensure the utmost security, it is essential to properly anchor and bolt your safe to a solid surface. Our technicians can provide secure and reliable anchoring and bolting services for your safe, preventing unauthorized removal and enhancing its overall security.


Safe Moving & Relocation

If you need to move or relocate your safe, our team of experts can help. We have the proper equipment and training to safely transport your safe to its new location, ensuring it remains secure and undamaged during the process.

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