Safe & Vault Services in Houston

Houston Safe & Lock has been providing safe services to Houston since 1923.  Our highly trained safe technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded to provide 24-hour emergency service throughout Houston and the surrounding area.  Our professional staff is qualified to service all makes and models of safes on site. Give us a call at 713-659-3951 to schedule an appointment.

Safe & Vault Services

  • Open locked safes
  • Convert dial lock to digital (or vise versa)
  • Change combination lock code
  • Repair damaged safes
  • Anchor & bolt newly purchased safe
  • Move safe to a new location


Fire Guard Safe Fire Rating: Class 125 1 Hour at 1700°F Blue Open Inner Door Dimensions Exterior H39’’ x W30’’ x D30’’ Interior H42’’ x W19’’ x D16.5’’ Safe Services

Original Safe & Vault Inc. Platinum High-Security Safe 5625x6 Open. safe services

Antique Diebold Bankers Safe with Dial Lock and Shelving Open Door Dimensions Exterior H42 x W33.5 x D30 Interior H34 x W24 x D20. safe services

Jewel One Hour Fire Office Safe JST500 Open. safe services