Trade Secrets on Lock Bumping and High Security Medeco Locks

Houston Safe and Lock's Fred Trotter, a leading Locksmith and Security Consultant/Safe Cracker in the Houston area, tells some trade secrets about Lock Bumping, High Security Medeco Locks and American Security Products Safes.

All Safes and High Security Deadbolts are not created equal.

If you've missed the recent news reports on lock bumping, simply Google "Bump Key" and you'll find over 2 million results! Lock bumping is a technique thieves are using to open pin tumbler locks covertly. Lock bumping is not a new technique. It has been used by locksmiths for decades as a method to open a majority of all residential & commercial locks. Unfortunately, due to the internet, this information had gotten in to the hands of crooks. The majority of all residential & commercial locks can be Bumped. You can better protect yourself by changing your locks to Medeco High Security Deadbolts and is the best way to increase your security. These Medeco Deadbolts give you a lot more protection against bumping & other methods of attack.

Get a risk assessment to determine how much protection you need. As a full service locksmith, we can offer solutions to fit your budget. Please give us a call to discuss the protection of your home or office @ 713-659-3951. In this day and time with the banks offering such low interest rates many homeowners are choosing to keep their money and precious metals at home or office. Don't be cheap when purchasing a home or office safe. If your assets are of any value you should spend the bucks to protect them. Always bolt that safe to the floor. Once properly bolted to a concrete slab your safe will gain 2000 lb per square inch of bolt down pressure. Avoid purchasing a safe from the big box store chains. Why because the general public has long wanted a big pretty safe at budget prices and the big box store chains gave it to them by removing security features and (UL) Underwriters Laboratories fire ratings to reduce cost. This leading locksmith and security consultant states that he can gain access to most of those types of safes in ten minutes with a cordless drill.

Please never ever purchase a safe on line which offers some really low pricing. Why if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. First you will need to look for hidden freight charges; secondly many of these online safe products are imports, knockoffs or seconds and may be damaged and or scratched. Finally when and if you find the real deal it will be delivered to you driveway by a non licensed locksmith and may sit there for hours or days in view of cars driving by, now you will be at the mercy of a second person to move that safe into your home and a third to bolt it down and now all of a sudden you have three or more persons that know you have a safe.

Your best value is to purchase a safe from a licensed locksmith with a shop and showroom. He has a fiduciary duty to provide you with top quality security advice and a trouble free safe move plus a warranty after the purchase. Try to buy American safes as they tend to be of better quality than imports and are easy to get parts for if they ever need service with name brands like American Security Products who have produced over 60,000 safes each year and take protecting their customers' assets very seriously. That's how they got to be the largest security safe manufacturer in the world, and that's why you can't buy a better gun, fire or burglary safe than an American Security Safe.

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