Why Houston Safe & Lock is the Best Place to Purchase Your Next Safe

In today’s fast paced world, it seems that no matter what you need, there are 100 companies who sell it. So how do you know where to spend your hard earned cash?  Well if a safe is what you need, worry no more because Houston Safe & Lock is here to help. We will provide you the best security services out there – commercial as well as residential.

As per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, almost 88% of the total burglaries are in residential areas and three out of every four homes in the U.S. will be broken into within the next 20 years. 

That’s where Houston Safe & Lock comes into play. We master it all. For us, it’s not just about providing you the right service, but rather it’s a package. It all starts from understanding the needs and wants of our customers and providing them with a step by step solution. We pride ourselves in being able to get you the exact safe you need.  

You know you want a safe in your house but not sure which one and what type to go for? Let us help you out.  Read here to see how we outline each detail of the safe buying process.

Houston Safe & Lock: Why Us?

We promise to earn your business. We have a century of experience and promise to walk you through each part of the purchasing process – let us give you a glimpse of our service. 

Houston Safe and Lock has been one of the top safe providers in Houston since 1923. Our staff is highly trained and all our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured to help you provide 24-hour emergency services throughout Houston and all surrounding areas. 

We aim is to provide customers with convenience and let them have a complete insight of all our services and products right from the start! Our Houston Safe and Lock website is self explanatory and an easy solution for any preliminary information. 

Book a consultation with our commercial or residential locksmith today and kick start your security plan now. We promise to design a customized plan that fits your budgets and caters well to your needs.

Houston Safe and Lock Safe Shop

Our Safe Shop is a one stop solution for all your safe buying needs from high security jewelry safes to Amsec Safes. Having the largest collection, we promise to cater to every customer and diversified needs. Wondering what we have in stock? Here’s a brief look through just some of our over 300 safes in stock. 

Our Services 

Our services range from extensive gun safes to small jewelry safes that cater both to residential and commercial sites. Want to have a look before you can make a purchase decision? No problem at all – stop by our large Houston-area showroom today and have a look through the hundreds of safes in stock – from the top notch brands including American Security, Original Safes and more. 

Apart from selling safes, we offer a wide range of Safe Services and Locksmith Services – each having their distinct attributes and catering to different problems. 

Our Safe Services include:

  • Open Locked Safes
  • Convert Dial Lock to Digital (or vice versa)
  • Change Combination Lock Code
  • Repair Damage Safes
  • Anchor & Bolt Newly Purchased Safe
  • Move Safe to a New Location

Our Locksmith Services include: 

  • Commercial & Residential Lockouts
  • Repair, Replace & Install New Locks
  • Repair, Replace & Install New Deadbolts
  • Re-keying
  • Duplicate Key Cutting
  • Key Control Devices

It is quite important to understand why a locksmith is essential for any kinds of services, it saves from continuous issues and everyday problems that may come your way.

Let Us Help

We understand that purchasing a safe comes with a lot of questions. What kind of fire rating is important? Does it need to be burglar proof? Are there any warranties? We’re here to help show you how to get the perfect safe for you. Let our 100 years of experience speak for itself, or read our recent reviews. Contact us today and let us help you find your next great safe.