Why You Should Buy an AMSEC Safe

With so many different brands and varieties of safes out there, how can you really know which one to pick? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to, and will easily prove why AMSEC, American Security Products, safes deserve your vote too.

Look for variety.

When you’re looking for a brand of safes, you always want to look at the variety offered in their products. Are they a one-trick-pony? Or do they have a vast array of different products, all at a high quality? AMSEC is proudly the second. They have Commercial Cash Safes, as well as just about any residential safe you can imagine. They have their famous Gun Safes, but also utility safes, high security safes, jewelry safes, digital safes and more. They produce over 400 Fire and Burglar Proof safes. No matter what kind of safe you need, AMSEC makes it.

What options are there?

Different kinds of safes offer different levels of customization and options. Do you want a safe with a key, or keypad? Do you want a combination lock, or maybe something with more than one way to get in? AMSEC offers several different lock options, as well as safes with multiple ways to access. They also have state of the line electronic locks and offer the LP Rotobolt Redundant Lock, ESL5 and ESL10XL. These safes can be customized with colors and hardware as well. You can design the perfect safe for you, and all of your needs.They also produce a wide range of safes. Whether you need a small and secretive safe that’s easy to hide, or a statement piece that can hold 30 different large guns, AMSEC has it all.

Security features matter.

When researching safes, it’s hard to be sure what each classification means, and if the label is actually important. Well, there are some that you never should ignore; the first being fire rating. A fire rating is a number given to a safe that has undergone independent laboratory testing to decide how well the safe should hold up in case of a fire. You’ll usually see this as either a “UL,” or United Laboratories, or Intertek-ETL. These are the top two independent companies that test for a fire rating. Now the average house fire will burn at approximately 1000-2000 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s important to keep that in mind when looking at a fire rating. So a “UL Class 350 1-hour” rating means that the internal temperature of the safe will not surpass 350 degrees with a fire burning at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. Another important rating to look for are B-Ratings and C-Ratings. These directly relate to the thickness and overall strength of the safe, which is important when you're factoring in forced entry. You need to remember that an easy-to-open safe is a waste of money. You want to make sure your belongings and valuables are safe from intruders. AMSEC 1-hour fire safes are also equipped with UL Listed Type 1 Electronic Locks. These Swingbolt Locks create a more complex and protective lock to protect against common tactics of forced entry including lock picking, drilling, and lock bumping vs the typical Blocking Solenoid. When you factor in these security features, you can see that AMSEC doesn’t take shortcuts in terms of safety.

A good warranty is important.

A good product deserves a good warranty. AMSEC is so sure of their safes that they offer a minimum of a one year warranty on any and all of their products, and go up from there. They offer extended warranties for residential installations with a 5 year extended warranty for all BF Gun safes with a factory-installed AMSEC lock. They also back up all of their security ratings and they offer a lifetime free replacement due to fire damage and forceable entry. (Click here to see their Warranty PDF.) All of their products are made in America, and they offer a free 24 hour customer service hotline that is available 365 days a year. That’s right. There will, quite literally, always be someone available to help you. It’s easy to see why we love AMSEC safes so much. Being able to trust American Security Products is easy when they have over 75 years in the business. Having a good safe is important, and something you want to invest in. Houston Safe and Lock has been in business for just shy of 100 years, and have been a proud distributor of AMSEC for many of those. We only offer brands we can trust, which is why AMSEC is our top brand. We know this process can feel overwhelming at times, which is why we would love to help. Come check our our Houston-Area showroom and see for yourself what owning an AMSEC safe can be like. We are also available by phone, at (713)-597-4050, or email at HoustonSafeAndLock@Gmail.com. You can also *click here* to be directed to our contact page. Give us a call and let us help you find the perfect AMSEC safe for you.

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