Original OFB2513

  • 90 Minute Fire Rated at 1750° F.
  • Heavy Duty chrome plated steel locking bolts and solid steel deadbolts.
  • Intumescent fire seal expands in the event of a fire, this seals the door blocking smoke, fire and excess water from the fire crews.
  • Glass relocking device to keep the door locked in the event of attempted break-in.
  • Burglary tested and rated by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) as a 4HR6 Residential Security Container.
  • 3 point handle featuring unique styling.
  • Automatic detent system throws bolts into locked position upon door closure.


OFB2513 Original Security Fire / Water Seal Safe

The OFB2513 safe is built with a glass relocking system that will trigger if it is tampered with. If any attempt is made to drill through the safe and the underlying tempered glass, the safe will instantly engage a set of steel bolts to make breaching impossible.