Original OFB1413

  • 90 Minute Fire Rated at 1750° F.
  • Heavy Duty chrome plated steel locking bolts and solid steel deadbolts.
  • Intumescent fire seal expands in the event of a fire, this seals the door blocking smoke, fire and excess water from the fire crews.
  • Glass relocking device to keep the door locked in the event of attempted break-in.
  • Burglary tested and rated by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) as a 4HR6 Residential Security Container.
  • 3 point handle featuring unique styling.
  • Automatic detent system throws bolts into locked position upon door closure.


OFB1413 Original Security Heavy Duty Safe W/ Chrome Locking Bolts

The OFB1413 safe is UL rated for fire and burglary, making it an ideal choice for protecting documents, firearms, jewelry or other assets.